Chinese Medicine Project

This project seeks to examine how news audiences in Hong Kong process and evaluate Chinese medicine-related news. In particular, we seek to explore how web design impact perceptions of news credibility on social media platforms such as Facebook. The ultimate goal is to shed light on whether and how various web elements can impact credibility ratings among news readers.

Fake News Project

Coming soon.

Avatar Project

This project will focus on avatar-mediated communication, and explore the effects of the interactions between participants and their corresponding avatars on emotion. A total of three manipulations will be tested: (1) Enhanced smiling avatars with mutual gaze, (2) enhanced smiling avatars with emotional event sharing, as well as (3) matched facial expression avatars based on their emotional events. This study is one of the first to examine the effects of matched avatar’s facial expression on users’ emotion, and the findings are expected to be used as a starting point to realize the use of avatar for providing therapeutic treatment as a timely emotional intervention.

Project on Politicians’ Facial Expressions

Coming soon.